And just a bit more about the hot water thing.

We have been talking about Hot Water for a couple days and this will probably be the last.  Remember, we are talking about a typical electric bill costing you $55 or so bucks each month for hot water.  Sure, your bill is more than that but roughly half of your bill is devoted to hot water.

Doesn’t it make sense to improve on your hot water situation?  We can think of a couple good reasons to improve:

  1. Environmentally – it is foolish for all of us to waste that much energy on something (hot water) that we immediately throw away.  We absolutely must save and be more responsible!
  2. Financially – check #1 just above and read it again as it applies to money as well.

Probably the easiest and simplest solution is to USE LESS HOT WATER.

  1. Low flow faucets
  2. Low flow in the shower
  3. Here’s a clever idea!  When you are in the shower “soaping up” why not turn the water off and then turn it back on to rise off?  Seems simple to us, if you are not under the shower why is it running hot water?  Duh!
  4. Never heat water twice!  If you need hot water for cooking then get it from your faucet rather than heating water on the stove; do the same job buy only once, not twice!
  5. Brilliant one!  Lower the temperature of the water in your hot water heater tank.  Why heat up the water only to add cold water to cool it off?  Duh, again!
  6. Use cold water for your laundry, that’s easier on your clothes and won’t waste hot water.
  7. Dishwasher, never run it unless the dishwasher is full, don’t run it with it only half full.

NOT ONE of our ideas will cost you a single penny!  Remember, we are trying to make improvements On The Cheap.  Today’s blog ideas just might be our best because it costs you nothing but can save you a lot while being environmentally sensible!

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