Are there problems with a super-insulated home?

For weeks now we have been talking about how to stop Heat Loss and how to stop Cold Air Penetration.  To make a very complicated topic easy to understand; to stop Heat Loss is a matter of sealing up a home and insulating it very well.  Or, in other words, we are going to make your new home Very Tight.  Remember, homes do not breath, you and I breath but not homes.

So, if we create a home that is super tight and highly insulated are there any inherent problems?  Unfortunately, there are two huge problems:

  1. Some builders will tell you that a Super Tight home does not have any problems.  Egad, that is so far from the truth!  A home that is very well built does not breath, it is super insulated, and Heat Loss is cut to a bare minimum. 
  2. Does your super insulated well-built home get fresh air?  This is the major problem that absolutely must be addressed.

Think about how common sense applies to your new home!  The tighter we build the home there are several amazing advantages:

  1. Energy Efficiency – you will use less energy to heat your home
  2. Financial Savings – since you are using less energy you will spend less money.
  3. Environmentally correct – you will be doing the correct thing for our environment.

Homes built only ten years ago used roughly fifteen percent (15%) more energy that a modern home today.  That is a huge improvement to have accomplished is only 10 years.  We are making great progress and it needs to continue so that by 2026 we can save another fifteen percent.

The entire topic of Fresh Air being introduced into your new home is something that is regularly overlooked and ignored.  Vermont Modular considers that to be a significant problem.  For the better part of twenty years we have been installing in every home a system for introducing fresh air into the home without contributing to Heat Loss.

For the next several days we will be looking at the ventilation systems and exactly how they work and why they are so important.

If you are simply opening the window for fresh air, you are not working with the problem effectively.  Stay with us for a couple days and we will give you a lot of important information.

Call us at 802.985-5855 with your questions and thoughts!

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