Are you trying to sell your home?

Here at Vermont Modular we talk with a lot of folks that are looking to either move up to their “Dream Home” or downsize after the kids have left the nest.  Either way, it is probably necessary to sell a home before buying or building a new home.

Here are a couple rather simple tips of what you should NOT do when selling your home:

  • First – of course you are trying to sell for the highest amount possible, that only makes common sense.  But, don’t put your foot down and proclaim “….we will not take a penny less than X-amount of dollars!”  Such declarative statements are a huge contributor to conversations coming to a sudden halt.  Let people make an offer then you can discuss specific amounts.
  • Second – people couldn’t care less what something in your home cost you so don’t announce that “….the wonderful hardwood flooring cost us $??.??.”  People will either like or not like your home and if they like it they will make an offer regardless of what a particular item cost you.
  • Third – don’t try to gloss over problems with the house.  Remember that every home has some kind of issue; people are apt to be favorably impressed if you simply tell them the truth.
  • Fourth – don’t go making up stories about how many people are looking at your home.  Honestly, today’s buyers are very savvy and they already know who is looking at your home or how long it has been on the market.  Most of all that information is easily available on-line.

When people look at your home they already know what similar homes are costing in your neighborhood.  One of the huge challenges for sellers today is that the buyers are very knowledgeable and know what they want.

Once you have an offer of your home give us a call at (802) 985-5855 and we will help you build your Vermont Dream.

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