Are your appliances Energy Star Rated?

A long time ago, 1992 to be exact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, created the Energy Star program.  Today appliances that are Energy Star Rated use upwards of 30% less energy.  This EPA program has been so successful that Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, and the entire EU have all adopted the Energy Star program.

I am sure you have seen the Energy Star Logo all over the place on computers, appliances, gadgets, devices, and a host of other products that consume electricity.

Take a look at a few typical savings that are being seen with Energy Star Products:

  • Refrigerators – 20% savings
  • Dishwashers – 41% savings
  • Room air conditioners – 10% savings
  • Fluorescent lights – use 75% less energy and last 30 to 50 times as long as a incandescent light bulb
  • New Energy Star homes use 15% less energy than a home built in 2006

That is barely a sample of the huge savings in Energy that can be see using Energy Star products. 

Appliances now have a Yellow Energy Rating Sticker that shows what the cost to operate the appliance is for a year.  They are an excellent way to choose the most efficient appliance.

Many Energy Star appliances are also eligible for Energy Rebates and that information is typically displayed on the machine in the store.  Some highly efficient appliances do cost more but the Rebate can easily offset that cost and you will quickly see the financial savings.

Energy Star is a fantastic program and you should use it as a source of good information and help when buying appliances for your new kitchen.

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