Attic insulation is always important

Lately we have talked about Roxul insulation, Fiberglass insulation, and today let’s take a look at Cellulose.  As you probably know Cellulose insulation is manufactured from news-paper that is headed for the land fill. If you are looking for an insulation product that:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Great insulation properties
  • Very inexpensive

Then Cellulose is just what you are looking for!  Prior to being blown-in your attic the shredded paper is chemically treated to retard fire and mold.  It really is an excellent product that is then squished/compacted into bales that greatly reduce its volume.

When Cellulose is installed that compacted bales of insulation are broken up and put in a machine that will “fluff up” the cellulose and blow it through a large hose up from the truck into the attic.  Both ends of this job are loaded with dust and installers use proper equipment to avoid contamination.

The desired R-Value is achieved by applying the correct amount of blown-in insulation.  Typically, cellulose has an R-Value of 3.2 per inch.  If a high R-Value is what you want then an average application is going to be at least 15” deep and probably upwards of 20” that would give you an R-Value of R-64.

Like any product Cellulose has advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Cost
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Effective in horizontal applications


  1. It does settle and as a result its R-Value will subside
  2. It does not work well in vertical applications as it will settle.

We highly recommend cellulose for use in attics.

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