The basement door, how is it?

This week we have been talking about Cold Air Penetration down in the basement.  And there are several really important facts to always keep in mind as you work to make your home more Energy Efficient:

  • Cold air always moves towards warm air
  • Cold air is always more dense than warm air
  • As Cold air warms it will always expand in volume

Cold air wants to move into the relatively warm basement, once it gets there it will expand in volume and force the warm air up and out of the house causing Heat Loss.  Cutting down on Heat Loss will improve your home’s Energy Efficiency.

SOLUTION – Stop the Cold Air Penetration. 

Today let’s look at the door leading into the basement, there are several types:

  • Bilko Door – today’s picture is of a new construction foundation where concrete steps are part of the foundation.  At the top of the doorway an ordinary Bilko Door is normally installed.
  • Fiberglass Entry door – at the bottom of the concrete steps in the photograph you are going to need a Fiberglass Entry door that will add to the home’s Energy Efficiency; try to stay away from Steel Doors.

All of us know that exterior door must be installed and sealed off correctly.  For some strange reason, both the Bilko Door and the Entry Door are neglected when it comes to proper finish work.

Every exterior door needs to be installed correctly using caulk, insulation, and spray foam which will prevent Cold Air Penetration and greatly improve your home’s Energy Efficiency. 

SOLUTION – if doors and windows in the basement are already installed and you have decided not to replace them I suggest you consider an investment in a couple tubes of caulk, a caulking gun, and some spray foam.  It will surprise you how effectively you can seal up all those tiny cracks, crevices, and holes.

There are a couple suggestions that are easy, very effective, and cheap.  This would be a good project for this weekend.  Let us know how it is working out.

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