Building material Sur-Charges

This afternoon we were pricing out a home to be delivered in southern Vermont and there was a Material Sur-Charge.  Let’s face it, a Sur-Charge is a price increase.  Typically, Sur-charges are a percentage of the material costs as compared to raising the cost of a specific piece of material a percentage is added.  That dollar amount can easily be adjusted upward and/or downward simply by quickly changing the percentage amount.

Modular Home manufacturers purchase huge amounts of lumber and materials in dollar amounts are boggle our minds.  So a minor shift one way or the other is quickly adjusted to the price of a new home.

We have repeatedly mentioned the hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, and enormous fires are having an enormous impact on the overall cost of building materials. 

Fortunately, the big purchases of lumber allow the price increases to be scheduled weeks and possibly months from now.

Our point is simple, if you want to avoid a price increase then the time to move forward is right now. 

The price increases we saw earlier today is slightly over $3,000 which could be more enjoyably spent building a deck, buying a new grill, how about new furniture, or even simply saving a bunch of bucks.

Give us a call to see how we can help you avoid these price increases.  We would love to hear from you and even more we’d love to help you avoid a price increase!

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