Building materials cost more!

As we all know the past month or two has seen a record breaking number of huge natural disasters.  Several hurricanes have hammered US Territories in The Caribbean along with Florida and Texas.  The scope and magnitude of these disasters have shocked all of us.  Most recently it seems as though Puerto Rico is reeling from storm damage and now wild fires in California are destroying thousands of homes and killing dozens of Americans. 

Federal, state, and local governments are all working to help victims of such disasters but eventually the recovery from all the damage will create a huge impact on the Building Supplies. 

Just this morning we received notice of yet another price increase for materials, primarily lumber.  The demand for lumber, insulation, windows, doors, and a myriad of other building products will skyrocket once the construction gets under way to repair or replace what has been damaged.

Our advice to you is that if you are considering building your new home sooner or later, we suggest you strongly think about sooner rather than later.  Your new home can only go up significantly as the demand for building supplies goes up.

The huge demand for materials to replace destroyed homes will also greatly impact the cost of existing homes.  We predict that the cost of Real Estate is going to go upward rapidly in the near future.

The time to put your dream home into action is now.

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