Buying land is quite the adventure!

Last week we talked about several things that will need to be done to your building lot before a house can be built.  Remember we talked about septic systems and how an Engineered Design should come with each piece of property being sold.

After dealing with the septic system issues it’s on to the next and that is getting water.  Again, if you are a suburban homeowner you probably are going to have “Town Water” but if you have chosen to live out in the boonies then you are going to need your own water supply of which there are three types:

  1. Drilled well – the vast majority of water wells in Vermont are either drilled or hammered “Deep Wells.”  This type of water supply relies on a submersible pump that is lowered down into the well and when your home calls for water the pump turns on and pushes the water up and out of the well.  Since Deep-Wells can be several hundred feet deep it takes a powerful pump. 
    1. A drilled well requires that you have installed Cast Iron casing from the surface of the ground down to where the drill runs into “Bed-Rock.”  This casing is expensive and typically one twenty-foot piece is enough.
    2. After the drill runs into “Bed-Rock” the walls of the well are the actual rock.
  2. Dug Well – there are some pieces of property where the water table is high enough that a well can be dug with an excavator.  Typically, Pre-cast concrete cylinders are then stacked on top of each other, this provides the wall for the well.  A dug well is much more-shallow than a drilled well and almost always the pump is inside the house.  With this type of situation, the water is pulled up out of the shallow well and drawn into the house.  Dug wells pull the water and drilled wells push the water.  Because of The Laws of Physics (we are not going there today) a pump can only lift water a maximum of 27’ and a submersible pump can push water hundreds of feet.
  3. Springs – again, on some properties a “mountain-spring” will have water running and that water can and is frequently used for household water supply.  Spring water is typically thought to be the best tasting and it does make great coffee!

Occasionally your water supply will need various types of filtration systems that are looking to eliminate coliform bacteria, e-coli, or Sulphur.

Recommendation – we strongly recommend that when ever possible try to have “Town-Water.”  But, the vast majority of Vermonters have some type of a well.  We also suggest that you thoroughly enjoy your morning coffee.

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