Color inside your new home.

Back when it seemed as though grandma and grandpa always painted their home white and it had black or navy blue trim.  That style has a certain beauty and lasting elegance to it but today’s homeowners have moved along and are using all kinds of colors.

For a long time it seemed as though the neutral colors were very popular.  I remember years ago it seemed as though “Tan” was all the rage, either tan or Beige.  Honestly, I looked at tan and beige as almost the same thing.  It seems as though current trends are moving away from those neutral colors.  Yes grey and off white are very popular but vibrant colors have become more common.

Take a long look at today photograph and you will quickly see what brilliant colors all used in the right relationships can do for a room.

Today’s living room has a beautiful bold look to it that is also very inviting and warm.  It is a terrific place to simply relax and enjoy family and friends.

This is a perfect example of how people are warming up to vibrant colors.

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