Combustion appliances, good idea?

Our very very distant cousin Zog who has been featured in many a cartoon lived in a Cartoon Cave as a Cave man.  Remember him?

Well, Zog would cook his food in the cave over an open fire, that might have been considered clever back in the day but now that we have modern kitchens and modern appliances why are we still cooking our food over an open fire?  Seriously, think about this!

The open fire of your kitchen range along with the associated smoke and soot all goes into the air that we breath.  How much have we improved over what Zog would have done?

Today’s technology allows us to cook with super high speed that we love from the gas stove and yet eliminates the open fire.

Induction Cooking is actually a technology that has been used all across Europe for decades, it really isn’t a new technology.  Induction cooking has many advantages:

  • Induction cooking is FAST
  • Induction cooking is very ENERGY EFFICIENT
  • Induction cooking has eliminated the open flame
  • Incuction cooking does not work with Thermal Conduction, it is much safer

The surface of an Induction Cook top looks very similar to many electric cook tops, typically it is black glass with the cooking elements under the glass.

Induction cooking works by Rapidly heating the pan or pot, not the cooking surface and this is done by repeatedly magnetizing the pot/pan that then generates very rapid heat in the pan and only the pan; the cooking surface does not heat up.  Obviously, the food in the pan will absorb the heat from the pan and as a result things are cooked more evenly, far less heat is wasted into the kitchen, less energy is used, and it is super fast.

Induction cooking does require that you use pans that are made of Ferrous metal, that is the kind that magnets stick to like stainless steel and/or iron.  You might need to go out and buy new pots and pans and that is a small price to pay for all the huge advantages of Induction cooking.  Once you have tried it you will love it!

Do you own an induction cooktop?  Let us know what you think.

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