Construction update, this is what we are up to.

For a while now we’ve mentioned that we have a house being built in the plant; that home is now finished and ready for delivery to a really nice spot in The North Country of New York State.  Yes, Vermont Modular goes all over.

As you can see from today’s photograph the foundation and site work are moving along nicely.  The site work has been delayed because of inclement weather.  Oh wait, that would be the nemesis of all construction sites.  See why modular homes are a better home; they are built inside away from rain and snow and wind and whatever.  Whereas foundations and site work can easily be delayed by incessant rain.

Take a look at the picture and you will see that the “white” blocks are in reality Icynene Foam Blocks that were filled with concrete this afternoon.  The foam blocks act as the forms for the concrete while also providing insulation for the basement. 

This family is going to use the basement area a space for their family to enjoy.

In a couple weeks the home will be delivered and set on its permanent foundation.  We thought you might like to see things happening along the way.

Stay tuned……………….!

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