Cooking dinner with great efficiency!

As you begin to design your new home and the new kitchen one of the big decisions centers around the kitchen range.  Should it be gas?  Or, should it be electric?  The vast majority of kitchen ranges today are electric with gas continuing to be popular but not a majority.

Either way you choose to cook will work with a very simple concept, the stove-top heats the ambient air surrounding a pot, that heat is then transferred to the pot and food.  Obviously, there is a lot of heat that is lost into the kitchen.

We suggest you consider investigating Induction Cooking where an alternating electric current is passed through a coil creating oscillating magnetic fields that heat only the pot.  The air around the pot and the actual cook-top are not heated.  This virtually eliminates wasted and lost heat.

The fluctuating magnetic field within the cook top is transferred to the pot creating heat but only in the pot.  There are advertising photographs that show a frying pan that has been cut in half sitting on top of an Induction Cook-Top, in the photograph is shows an egg being cooked in the pan and raw on cook top which does not heat up.

The very cool part of Induction Cook Tops is that they are very very FAST, they will boil water faster than a microwave and can be instantly turned off.  This way if something boils over the heat can be instantly turned off and instantly the problem is solved.

Induction cooking is so much more Energy Efficient than both gas or conventional electric:

  • Induction cooking uses 84% of the energy to cook food  
  • a conventional electric coil uses 71% of the energy
  • and only 43% of the energy from gas is used; the remaining energy is wasted.

Induction Cooking is not a brand new technology, it has been widely used throughout Europe for several decades but only recently is it gaining in popularity in the United States.  Check it out, you will be happy!

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