This is cool. Let’s look at Heat Pumps again.

For quite a bit now we have been talking about heat pumps and how efficient they are, with that in mind here is yet another twist to the Heat Pump saga.

So far we have talked about:

  • Cold Climate Heat Pumps to heat and air condition your home
  • Heat Pumps to heat your domestic hot water.
  • BOTH of these will reduce your monthly energy usage and cost significantly!

As I am sure everyone knows by now, one of the significant characteristics of a Heat Pump is that it reduces the humidity or moisture in the air.  That is why your Cold Climate Heat Pump will piddle out the bottom; that is the moisture/water that has been squeezed out of the air.  (hold on to that concept for a minute!)

Pretend you are doing laundry.  The clothes go into the washing machine to get clean.  The washer uses a lot of energy in the form of hot water and your heat pump hot water heater is helping a lot! 

After the washing machine comes the Clothes Dryer where hot air is pumped into the dryer and forced out the back and then outside.  That hot air absorbs the moisture and dries your clothes just like magic.  In many ways this is dumb!  Using electricity we create hot air that we then force outside whereupon all of that heat is 100% lost.  There is no such thing as an Energy Efficient Dryer.

Hold on……., we think there’s a better idea.  Remember how Heat Pumps squeeze moisture out of the air, well then…………., what if we introduced a Heat Pump to the dryer?  Wouldn’t that air become less and less and less damp?  Wouldn’t the clothes become more and more and more dry?  The obvious answer is YES and that is exactly how a Heat Pump Dryer works, the concept is very simple and not complicated! 

Go on line and check it out, see if Heat Pump Dryers are a good thing.  Again, the obvious answer is a resounding YES.

Don’t we have cool ideas!

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