Crazy tips for your home in the spring.

Today let’s look at a couple off the beaten path ideas that just might help you around the house this spring.

We have been noticing that the snow is disappearing and that’s a visual sign that winter is almost over and spring could be around the corner.  YES, it is time for you to uncover the grill and think about the “grilling season” that is here.

YUCK, when you take the cover off and look inside the grill for the first time in months the sight is apt to be nasty, the cooking grills are probably all covered with the remnants of whatever you cooked a long time ago. 

The other day I was in one of the Bid-Box-Stores and all the grills and parts are out.  Many will buy new cooking grids rather than fix last year’s mess.  Here’s our idea that will save you time and money.

Take a sheet of aluminum foil, crumple it into a ball and use that ball as the thing you scrub the grates off with.  Try it, this is a quick and easy solution that is also cheap.  It works!  Let us know how it worked for you.

Second idea – look around at wood furniture and kitchen cabinets.  Egad, there are a lot of scratches and nicks.  This could be a major problem of how to make everything look as good as new again.  We have an idea………………….

Go to the grocery store and buy a few Walnuts, crack open the shells, and use the actual NUT from inside the shell, take that walnut and scrub over the scratches.  Rub the walnut into the nicks and dings.  And then……, POOF, they disappear.  Simple, easy, and cheap.  Suggestion, don’t eat that walnut.

How’s that for two silly ideas that will really work!

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