Design idea that everyone loves!

A while ago it seemed as though grandma would always be doing the laundry in the basement.  Down there was the washing machine and as all know families can generate a mountain of dirty clothes.  By the way, how is it that infants and toddlers can get so many clothes where they need to be washed?  They are so small yet generate so much.  But, regardless the laundry was almost always in the basement.  And there was seldom ever a dryer; that is a fairly recent invention.

After a while it seemed as though grandma’s house design was altered so that the washing machine climbed up out of the basement and ended up in the first-floor mud-room.  Somehow when that design concept occurred it made a lot of sense and everyone jumped on board with that idea.

In the middle of all that the dryer arrived from obscurity to becoming a ubiquitous machine in everyone’s home and there they are in the mud room just off the garage.  How clever is that?  Well………….., if you are accurate in your analysis it makes no sense what so ever!

The laundry needs to be located right in the middle of the family’s bedrooms.  The bedrooms are where the dirty clothes are.  When the laundry was in the basement there was a string of single socks, just like Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of bread crumbs as they escaped from the wicked witch.  I digress……………

The latest trend is for the laundry to be centrally located next to the bedrooms whether that’s on the first floor or upstairs.  The other day we talked about elevators making life easier to “Age In Place.”  Putting the laundry in its proper place will allow you to stay in your home.

Vermont Modular Homes will gladly help you design and layout your new home. 

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