Did you answer the quiz correctly?

Energy Quiz –

  • First Question, Heating and Cooling account for the most energy usage at 48%
  • Second Question – How much electricity does a typical American house use each month?
    • 900 kilowatt hours each month.  That is the correct answer; according to the Energy Information Administration, the average annual electricity consumption for a US household was 10,908 kilowatt hours or 909 kilowatt per month.
    • Take a look at your electric bill and see how you compare.

Today’s question – Question # 3.

  • Third Question – (money) how much does a typical US family spend on their home utilities per year?
    • $1,100
    • $5,500
    • $2,200
    • $3,300

For many of us the cost is what counts.  Honestly, we agree that your energy costs are important but we also emphasize the quantity of energy used. 

How much to you spend each year?  We will let you know!

Stay tuned.

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