Did your house sell yesterday? More ideas for you

Yesterday we talked about cleaning up the house and removing most of those things you love but new buyers don’t.  It can be a difficult and almost painful process but if you want to sell and move on it is necessary and all falls under the most basic of Real Estate prep work.  It isn’t fun but the end result will work for you.

Today let’s think about how to spruce up the house and make it look just fabulous!  This is truly the tough part, it is where you get to work and work or spend money and have stuff done for you.  These are all the things you have been meaning to do for years but never quite got around to fixing up.

Think about :

  1. Painting your home.  The outside of your house is what will make such a huge impression.  There have been all kinds of articles and opinions as to what color to use.
  2. Paint inside!  Think of wonderful colors that portray a sense of quality and beauty, don’t get carried away with crazy outlandish colors.  This is a time to be classy!
  3. Fix and repair – take a long hard look around and check –
    1. Does the roof need to be replaced?
    2. Are any of the shutters broken?
    3. How about the driveway?
    4. How’s the front walk way?
    5. Shrubbery and trees, are they all ok?
    6. Mechanicals – how’s the furnace, air conditioning, electrical service?
  4. Clean up and put in storage
    1. This is a re-cap of yesterday’s blog. 
  5. Remember – today’s buyer is a savy person that will be very particular is what they want.

Good luck and be sure to keep us in the loop!  Give us a call at 985-5855 and share your ideas.  Or how about making a comment on Facebook, share your creativity.

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