Do houses breath?

Most of the people that read our blog are folks looking to either build or improve their home.  And, one of the more problematic aspects of deciding who to work with is knowing their qualifications.

For example; my niece is building a home far away from us but none the less she calls all the time asking question about how to???  Or, what to???  Or, should I??? and so on.

We’d like to offer a couple tips on what to listen for when you are talking with a prospective builder:

Houses Need to Breath – when you are talking about building a new home or a conversation with a site-built builder if you hear them mention that “….houses need to breath….” Our emphatic suggestion is that you politely excuse yourself and go find another builder!

  • Houses do not breath!  Yes, People breath but not a house.  Think about it, if a house breathes, or lets fresh air in and out, that is allowing cold winter air to enter and warm heated air to ventilate to the outside.  If that is true then why are we going out of our way to build Tight homes that are Energy Efficient?  Today's photograph shows you a NON-energy efficient home, this one breathes through all the openings.  Want to live there?
  • Energy Efficiency – building a home that is Energy Efficient is now the law and perhaps more important an Energy Efficient Home is the correct thing to do!  You will save money, pollute the atmosphere less, live more comfortably, and save money.

If your prospective builder didn’t mention Breathing Houses, we strongly suggest that you go ahead and pointedly ask, “….do you believe that houses need to breath?”  Based on the answer; we suggest you consider our suggestion above, go find another builder, or continue the conversation if they indicate that houses do not breath.

This entire conversation or abrupt end to a conversation revolves around the Air Quality inside your new home.  If it is built so tight that it is Energy Efficient you do need Fresh Air.

In our next Blog Post we will share with you exactly how you can solve the concern you have about introducing Fresh Air to your Tight Energy Efficient home.

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