Do you live in a well-built super insulated home?

Last week we introduced you to the potential problem that lurks in your home.  If you have purchased or built a really good home, one that includes:

  • Insulation that is done well and greatly restricts heat loss
  • Thermal barriers that keep the cold out
  • High performing/quality windows
  • A home that is built tight

Guess what?  You possibly have a big problem lurking in the background that can cause you problems.  Here’s what happens:

  • The tighter the home is built
  • The less heat you loose
  • The less energy you consume
  • The worse the air quality is as winter progresses
  • The greater the chance for mold
  • The greater the chance for mildew

Sooner or later you are going to be breathing very unhealthy air inside your home.


  1. Open the windows – that’s just plain stupid, you are now going to lose all kinds of heat and waste all kinds of energy.
  2. Open the doors – equally dumb as the window thing!
  3. Install a Heat Recovery Ventilation system.  Brilliant! It’s called an HRV.

Your HRV will exhaust stale air and bring in fresh air from outside.

Your HRV will control the humidity in your home and it is the humidity, a.k.a. moisture that is absolutely necessary for mold to grow.  Without the moisture mold cannot survive.

Air will be exchanged without exhausting precious heat.  More tomorrow!

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