Does the Energy Star certification mean much?

Today let’s take a look at The Energy Star rating or certification; does it really mean much to you?

But first……….., yesterday we looked at Phantom Loads and what they are.  The correct answer was:

  • Electronics and appliances that consume power when they are turned off but still plugged in.

A phantom load, refers to power consumed by electronics and appliances while switched off.  A typical American family has 40 products that have phantom loads and that can account for 10% of residential use.  WOW, that is significant!

Today’s Energy Home IQ question is:

  1. How much and you save by switching to Energy Star appliances, fans, and electronics over their lifetime?
    1. $750
    2. $575
    3. $921
    4. $1,000

This is interesting, aren’t we all about saving our hard-earned money?

Tomorrow you get the correct answer.

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