Does the garage impact your home’s energy efficiency?

For the next several weeks we will be talking about a lot of things that impact the energy efficiency of your home.  Yesterday we talked about you installing Insulation in your unfinished garage. 

Don’t forget that every suggestion we offer must have two major parts. 

  • First, what ever it is it must make a significant improvement to your home
  • Second, all of our ideas must be inexpensive, dare we say Cheap!

Today’s idea is going to be one of our most expensive we are going to suggest that you consider replacing your garage door.  You know, the big one that opens to let the car in.  Almost all of these doors are the kind that roll up on tracks allowing the car to enter.

Please consider a door that is insulated.  Usually the better doors have some sort of rigid foam as an integral part of the door.

By installing a door with one inch of rigid foam you can make a huge difference with the garage.  Since your garage acts as a buffer between the howling winds and cold outside and the warmth inside doesn’t it make sense to have your garage well insulated?

Yesterday’s suggestion to install insulation in the exterior walls and ceiling will make a very noticeable difference.  If you also add an insulated door the energy gain will be truly significant.

There is also one huge thing that you can easily do to in the garage.  How about closing the door!  All throughout the winter all of us constantly see garage doors wide open.  All the insulation and efficient doors will never help your garage if the door is open.  So, get the kids to close it.

Also, take a look at today’s photograph, when you are planning your garage make sure you have a thorough plan and then follow through with that plan.

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