Does your house breathe?

Typically, whenever someone is thinking about building their new home, especially if it is a First Home they somehow always manage to ask the same question.

“…..if you are building the home so tight and Energy Efficient how

 does the house breathe?”

I honestly believe that breathing houses is one of those infamous Urban Legends that has gained a life all unto itself.  Regardless of how often and how effectively the Legend is destroyed it manages to take one more gasp and it comes back to life and perhaps even stronger.  How does that happen?

T R U T H – listen carefully!!  People breathe.  Yup, you and I and all of our families and loved ones, we all breathe.  Every living creature in the Animal Kingdom, they also breathe.  Every creature in the ocean breathes; some have lungs and some have gills.  But ….., every living animal breathes!  Got it?  Good!  Hold on to that fact!

T R U T H number two – listen carefully!!!  Houses DO NOT breathe.  We breathe but houses do not!  I hate to break the news to you but your house is not alive.  Your house does not need fresh air to stay alive!

We are all aware that out there in TV land an entirely new concept has been born and it is called “Alternative Facts.”  Or, in other words a LIE.  But today we are dealing only in TRUTH.  Houses do not breathe.

So, that is why Vermont Modular builds homes that are super tight and super energy efficient.

Oh, by the way………., we do install in every new home a Fresh Air Handler system so that the air YOU BREATHE is fresh.  It is called an Heat Recovery Ventilator or HRV.  This system is not unique to Vermont Modular but honestly most builders don’t understand the concept surrounding the HRV.

Your HRV will provide you with a constant source of Fresh Air to breathe and it will also exhaust stale air, odors, and excessive humidity to the outside.  The end result is that your new Vermont Modular Home will have technology included so that you live in a Super Insulated home that is Energy Efficient and provide you with Fresh Air.  We want you to have Fresh Air because you breathe, not the house.

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