Electricity in the kitchen or should we have gas?

When we are talking with prospective clients the question always includes all kinds of conversations about the kitchen.  Many people will tell us that the kitchen is the heart of a home; it is the center place where a family congregates.  We can easily all smell the aroma of something very special emanating from the kitchen whether it be cookies, meat loaf, steak, or hot dogs.  Everything smells great.

But……., what cooks our food?  Will you be using gas or electric:

  • Gas – this is either propane or natural gas, it starts instantly and turns off instantly.  Also, gas is something you can look at and see the size of the flame.
  • Electric – electric stoves cook at a very even temperature.  Electric is easy to control; it may be a surprise but most homes cook with an electric stove.

There is another option that in the United States is not that popular although combines the best of both gas and electric.  The unique option that we are talking about are Induction Stoves.  For those of you that understand Induction Cooking you are already saying, “….oh that is the best way to cook!”  But, most of us don’t understand what induction cooking is all about.

Electric stoves and gas stoves cook using “Thermal Conduction” where heat is transferred from either the heating coil or the flame.  Think about it, much of the heat naturally escapes into the air and is wasted; only so much can be absorbed by the pan.

In an induction stove the glass cook top remains cool to the touch and magnetic coils create oscillating magnetic fields that VERY quickly heat the pan, virtually none of the heat is lost.  Whatever you are cooking inside the pan heats quickly because the entire pan is heating by the oscillating magnetic fields and virtually none of the heat is lost. 

The very cool thing about Induction Stoves is that they are “Instant On” and “Instant Off” exactly the same as gas but with none of the potential dangers.

There really is a lot to think about.

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