Energy Efficiency and what that means!

Throughout our daily lives we are all constantly using Energy in one form or another.  It seems as though everything we do requires some sort of energy whether it be electricity for our homes, gas for the car, or everything else. 

Here at Vermont Modular Homes we are constantly emphasizing Energy Efficiency so let’s look at that energy.  The US Department of Energy (DOE) tells us that 90% of the energy American’s use comes from fossil fuels.  That 90% is a huge amount and deserves our attention.  All of that energy uses fossil fuels and none of is renewable.  Once fossil fuels are burned they are gone for ever.

All fossil fuels contribute carbon dioxide to the atmosphere which is the greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.  Some fossil fuels contribute more CO2 such as Coal and some emit less such as Natural Gas.  However, all fossil fuels contribute CO2 and as responsible citizens we need to do our part.

Both of us at Vermont Modular Homes believe part of the solution is for us to build Energy Efficient Homes and emphasize the use of Renewable Energy. We see that solution as being approached in two ways:

First – building homes that consume less energy.  Our Super Insulated Energy Efficient homes will need less energy for heating and cooling because they are simply built better.

Second – Vermont Modular Homes is actively participating in installing Renewable Energy sources in our homes.  Yes, we are moving into the Solar Power industry so that you can be part of the burgeoning industry.

Stay tuned, we will be posting some exciting news in the near future.

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