Energy Star Appliances

On our Facebook page and Live videos, we have been talking a lot about what goes on in your kitchen.  One of the big things that consume energy are your kitchen appliances.

Did you realize that an Energy Star Rated appliance is apt to use about 40% less energy than a Non-Energy Star appliance?  Over the life time of that machine we are talking a significant amount of energy along with wasted money on your part.  It really makes a lot of sense to purchase only Energy Star appliances.

There is yet another advantage to Energy Star appliances; many if not most are eligible for Energy Rebates.  The other day we mentioned a refrigerator that was eligible for a $40 Rebate. 

If you go ahead a purchase a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer, it is eligible for a Rebate of about $400.  That makes you wonder, “….why would I buy anything other kind?”

Not only do Heat Pump Dryers consume much less energy, you should take a look at Induction Cooking that uses about half the energy and works with “Instant On” and “Instant Off.”

Tomorrow, we will be looking at various trending styles in Kitchen Design.  Please give us a call at 802.985-5855 and let us know what you would like to hear about.

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