Energy wise quiz – how much do you know?

Yesterday we introduced our Energy Quiz from The Department of Energy in Washington.

The first question was?

  1. What accounts for the most energy use in American homes?
    1. Heating and Cooling
    2. Electronics
    3. Water Heating
    4. Appliances

And the correct answer is “a” – Heating and cooling.  Recent surveys indicate that 48% of total energy consumption in American Homes comes from Heating and Cooling.  Did you know that in 1993 it was as high as 58%?  We are heading in the right direction.  Our efforts at Energy Consumption are starting to pay off.

The SECOND question:

  1. How much electricity does a typical American home use each month:
    1. About 9,000 kilowatt hours
    2. 1.21 gigawatt hours
    3. About 900 kilowatt hours
    4. About 90,000 kilowatt hours

How many of you got yesterday’s question right?

How many of you will get today’s question right?

Tomorrow we will answer today’s question and give you question #3.

Let us know how you are doing!

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