Everyone loves your puppy! Well no !

All across America people are on the move, going from one place to another.  Are you

  1. Mom and Dad selling the big house?
  2. One of The Kids buying your first house?
  3. Young couple looking to move up to a bigger house?
  4. A Baby Boomer looking to move to something smaller?

Regardless of who you are one of the big pieces in the puzzle is selling one home so that you can move on into another home.

How does an adorable Puppy fit into that picture?  Everyone loves a puppy!  Right?

Well………, the truth is that many people love puppies but not everyone.  I know, how could anyone not love the puppy in today’s picture?  There must be a couple curmudgeons out there.  It seems as though every crowd has them, the crab-butt that wants to complain and never loves puppies or kittens.

But, if you are trying to sell your home so that you can move on it might be a good idea to make sure the adorable puppy isn’t there when prospective buyers show up for a tour of your palace.

There have been times, I know, when the puppy decides it’s time to pee right on the shoe or whatever of the prospective buyer.  OOPS, that could be awkward!

Probably even worse is that the puppy is so adorable and wonderful that the puppy becomes the center of attention and no one is looking at your home which is up for sale.  Everyone seems distracted from the house sale and focusing on the puppy.  OOPS, that might not be what you want !!

So we are suggesting for today that you put your new adorable puppy away along with the new kitten and try to keep everyone focused on the task at hand.

Good luck selling your home and when you do give us a call at (802) 985-5855 to talk about building your new home.

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