Floor coverings are important!

The emphasis today is on comfort and safety when building and designing homes.  There are many examples of safety items that are required within all the various Code Regulations and most eventually point back to fire or fire prevention.  That entire topic we will leave for another day.

Today let’s look at floor coverings and how they are directly related to safety.  For years it seemed as though everything was covered with carpet.  I can vividly remember homes that had beautiful hardwood floors that were immediately covered up with yards and yards of plush carpet.  When that was eventually sold, the carpet was often replaced but not before the new owners saw what was basically brand new hardwood flooring.  That isn’t happening today, the popular idea today has moved away from carpet and been replaced with a myriad of other coverings.

When building a new home carpet is typically limited to bedrooms.  The remainder of the house is either hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, laminate, or others.

We are suggesting that you consider installing floor coverings are that are easier on your feet, ankles, and of course should you fall.  Ceramic tile, concrete, and stone can be brutal if you fall.  There are a lot of other floor coverings such as softer materials especially in areas of the home where there is a lot of traffic.

We have all seen floor mats at the kitchen sink that are soft and easy on our feet.  There is a reason those mats are there.  Consider thinking about being easy on your feet and always think about how is it going to feel should I fall.

We suggest you consult with a flooring expert that can give you detailed information about what will suite your family’s needs.

Have fun and let us know what you find, we’d love to share your thoughts. 

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