Here are a couple more holes to close off.

We have been down in the basement so let’s stay there.

Remember, we are chasing holes in the building envelope where Cold Air can Penetrate and rob your home of precious heat.  Our goal is to:

  • stop Cold Air Penetration,
  • cut back on Heat Loss, and
  • be more Energy Efficient!

I can quickly think of three more possible culprits that need to be Foamed Shut:

  • Water inlet pipe hole
  • Sewer outlet pipe hole
  • Electrical conduit coming into the house

These three pipes almost always come in through the foundation inside of a “sleeve.”  And, that sleeve is installed in the concrete when the foundation is being built.  For obvious reasons, the sleeve is bigger than the pipe that will be put through it.  That excess opening needs to be filled with Spray Foam to seal the opening and stop Cold Air Penetration.

These small steps may seem insignificant and perhaps they are but when all of these penetrations in the Building Envelope are sealed up the combined fix will be significant and for 1)- virtually no money and 2)- very little work you will make a significant improvement in your home’s Energy Efficiency.

Stopping Heat Loss is you doing your part to combat Global Climate Change.  If everyone exerted a series of seemingly small improvements the combined improvement will greatly contribute to lessening our Carbon Footprint.  As a responsible Vermont Company, we strongly encourage Energy Efficiency, it is the environmentally correct thing to do.

We really want to hear from you and hear your ideas.  How do you stop Heat Loss in your home?

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