Here’s thoughts on the Real Estate Market!

As we have said America is on the move and it seems as though all age groups are moving, with a few exceptions.  The various groups that are moving around:

  1. Boomers – 1945-1964.  Boomers are looking to sell the large house in The Burbs but no one is buying.  Many are reluctant to significantly lower their price so many end up staying put for the moment.
  2. Gen X – 1966-1976.  The Gen-Xers are the best educated and also the lovers of the worst music ever!  But they are saddled with Student Debt and saving for their kids education so many Gen-Xers are not moving.  Don’t get mad at me about the awful music.
  3. The Millennials – sometimes called Gen Y – 1998-2006.  This is the largest group in America and they are looking for smaller homes that are closer to the city and amenities.  They’d love to buy The Boomers’ house in The Burbs but typically can’t afford it.

All this presents a challenging Real Estate market.  And, in the midst of all this is a big push to buy Vacation Homes.  The vacation home market puts pressure on other aspects of Real Estate.  Lately we at Vermont Modular Homes have seen increased interest in The Vermont Vacation Home.

Homes are all about Family, regardless of which group we are talking about.

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