How about the car? Have you thought about your car?


Today we are going to talk about a design feature that virtually everyone ignores and that would be the garage.  Let’s face it, we live up north and having a garage is a wonderful thing!  Think of all the cool things that happen in the garage:

  • It is home for the car
  • Tools like shovels, rakes, more shovels, etc. all live there
  • Where else would you put the garbage can?
  • Machines like the lawn mower, snow blower, can of gasoline, various oils, etc.
  • Bicycles, kids toys, dad’s toys, mom’s toys
  • Snow machine, Jet Ski, garden tractor
  • Paint, paint thinner, old paint brushes
  • Lawn fertilizer
  • And………., a lot of other assorted stuff

As you can quickly see from the list there are a lot of truly nasty and toxic things that we all store in the garage.  What most of us choose to forget is that much of what is out in the garage is either toxic or flammable or worse both toxic and flammable.

Every time you open the door (usually going into the kitchen) a raft of toxic fumes and odors will quickly follow you into the house.  It always seems as though the door from the garage stays open far too long because a car full of people are coming inside or carrying groceries.

Suggestion if you are building – consider a home with a garage that is detached.  We strongly suggest you keep all the nasty odors and fumes outside.

Suggestion if you are buying an existing home – consider a home with a garage that is detached

YES, you read that correctly, we do not recommend garages that are attached to the house and even a more emphatic recommendation for garages that are “underneath” the house in a portion of the basement. 

We would love to hear your thoughts and reactions to our garage ideas.  Give us a call at (802) 985-5855  We would love to hear from you.  On Facebook share your comments for everyone. 

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