How about Floor Covering? It can make a huge difference.

The other day we looked at bathrooms and how important they can be along with The Kitchen in making your new home POP as something so special.

Today look down at what you are sanding on, the Floor Covering can be equally important to making your home one of those homes that stand out.

Look carefully at today’s photograph that was taken in the living room of a Vermont Modular Home.  In the main living room, there’s obviously hardwood floors.  The kitchen has Ceramic tile and if you look carefully the adjoining room/den off the kitchen is carpeted.

The beauty of floor coverings is that there is such a huge range of cost with so many options available:

  1. Hardwood floors – often thought of as very beautiful, hardwood flooring is also one of the more expensive floors but it is available in hundreds of woods, colors, and stain.  There is a huge variety in material and cost.
  2. Engineered hardwood – an engineered floor has a ¼ inch venire of hardwood that is glued to a plywood backing.  The look is identical to hardwood but at a reduced cost.
  3. Laminate planks – Laminate flooring is a manufactured product that can replicate virtually any other floor such as hardwood, ceramic, stone, and many others.  Laminates are rugged, long lasting, and affordable.
  4. Vinyl Planks – one of the newest and more popular types of flooring the Vinyl Planks replicate anything and are uniquely durable,
  5. Ceramic Tile – ceramic has been used in bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers for a long time and ceramic is an all-time favorite flooring.
  6. Carpet – for hundreds of years carpet has been an enormously popular type of flooring and it is available in an almost endless variety of colors, styles, and costs.

Floor coverings often make or break a room for beauty.  Have fun as you choose!

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