How about what’s in and what’s out?

While you are trying to make your home look spectacular so that it will sell quickly let’s take a minute and look back at some of the things that were once very beautiful but now are …….., well not quite a beautiful any more.

Avocado Green appliances.  Do you remember them?  I can remember when the refrigerator and the toilet were the same awful green avocado color.  Do you still have some of these relics left in your home?

Mason Jars.  This fad is very recent and was popular with some.  It seemed like such a cool thing; drink everything from Grandma’s old Mason Jars, it would save the environment by re-purposing something from the past.  Well folks, it was done to excess and that fad is leaving us quickly.  I suggest you not serve a cold glass of water to your guests in one of Grandma’s mason jars.

Textured ceilings.  There was a time when a textured ceiling was all the rage!  Some living rooms had circles and swirls and popcorn and all sorts of crazy things up on the ceiling.  It seems as though everyone forgot that someday it might be necessary to paint the ceiling.  How does one do that?  Thankfully the days of textured ceilings is gone. 

Faux flowers.  Oh, for sure there was also fake shrubbery.  I always wondered why or how those flowers managed to look so wonderful with snow on them in January.  How many of us have tried to take a bite from a plastic apple?  When buyers are visiting your home you might want to put the faux flowers away.

Conversation Pits.  Actually, the conversation pit is very popular right now!  I am wondering how long that fad is apt to last.

Barn Doors.  This is one of the hottest items out there today but for how long.  Personally, I’m not quite sure the concept of having a barn door as the entrance to your master bedroom is going to last too long.  I could be wrong!

Pizza and Beer.  Some things are popular for a good reason and they remain popular!

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