How about your Kitchen shelves

As we have said several times the kitchen is The Heart of a Home and in the kitchen a lot of things are stored and tucked away until that moment when you need it.  This can be pots and pans, groceries, and a ton of gadgets.

We suggest you seriously consider what types of shelves you want in your kitchen:

  • Open Shelves – these are instead of your “Upper Cabinets.”  Open Shelving is easier to work with, things go away easier and they can be reached easier; not to mention it has become the most popular style in today’s kitchen.
  • Pull Out Shelves – these are typically in the bottom cabinets where the shelf and all that is on it can easily be pulled out.  The advantages of this style are endless especially as some of us get older.  It can be more difficult to reach all the way back towards the rear of the shelf.  How many times has something been lost on the rear of the shelf?
  • Wire Shelving – wire shelving is very popular inside pantries, things are easier to see when you can see through the shelves. 
  • Specialty shelving – there are tons of shelves that serve a very specific yet important function. 
    • Think how very cool the “Spice Rack” is for all those tiny bottles or cans.
    • At the kitchen-sink there are Tilt Out spaces to put the kitchen sink sponge
    • Pot and Pan shelves – these are typically more rugged as they carry extra weight
  • Pantry Cabinets – a walk in pantry is great but if you don’t have room a Pantry Cabinet can solve a lot of your kitchen storage issues.

As you design your kitchen take a long look into the various types of cabinets and shelving.  Your kitchen can be terrific.

Have fun!

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