How do well built homes get fresh air?

The other day we concluded that people breath but, homes do not breath.  A breathing home is one that is constantly losing heat that is replaced with Cold Air Penetration.

A super insulated home that is truly Energy Efficient home reduces Heat Loss to a minimum, this saves on energy costs and reduces your Carbon Foot Print.  This is the correct thing to do!

The problem is that as we reduce Heat Loss we severely cut back on fresh air inside your home.  When the inside air quality is not dealt with it can rapidly turn into a problem. 

Without proper attention, an Energy Efficient home can:

  1. Lead to poor air quality
  2. Allow Mold to grow
  3. Spores grow from algae and fungi
  4. All these can contribute to all sorts of respiratory problems especially for the very young or the very old.

Solution – Incorporating a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system to your new home will control humidity, eliminate odors, eliminate mold, and recover upwards of 95% of the heat as it is exchanged for outside fresh air.

An HRV will rapidly become one of your new homes most treasured options.  Your new home will smell just like spring all winter long while you and your family reap the benefits of living in a home with air that is fresh and devoid of mold and mildew.

Vermont Modular Homes includes an HRV with every new home as Standard Fare and we have been installing HRV’s for more than twenty years; long before the industry caught up with us.

We will gladly send you a detailed report and analysis of an HRV, let us know where you would like your copy sent.

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