How is everything in the garage?

As spring approaches and time nears for the BBQ grill, lawn mower, extra gas for the mower, the spare propane bottle for the grill, all of them are out in the garage.

Go back and read through the short list of scary things that are in your garage.  Oh wait, there is the plant fertilizer, lawn food, garbage can, and other assorted foul and unwholesome stuff; it is an assortment of everything that we do not want in the house.

So……….., isn’t that why it is all out in the garage?  Isn’t everything safe and cozy out in the garage?  Did you forget that the car is in there also with fumes and smells?

Are you getting the point?  The garage is a place where we store toxic flammable materials that greatly contribute to awful air quality!

The air quality of a home where the garage is detached is far superior to those where the garage is just the other side of that door in the kitchen.  That is the door that gets left wide open as we bring in the groceries or hang up our coat.  As we leave the door open all of those noxious odors and fumes enter the house.

Lately we have talked about indoor air quality and how a properly working HRV can improve the health of your family (see our blog from Wed. 5/3).

How you treat your garage can greatly impact indoor air quality! 


  1. As you are designing your new home consider a detached garage, it is safer!
  2. Keep ALL of the flammable fuels and gasses outside, not in the garage
  3. Keep all of the fertilizers outside, not in the garage
  4. Put your trash / garbage can outside, not in the garage
  5. Leave the car-door open for a minute or two to allow the car’s fumes to escape outside.
  6. Open and close the kitchen door quickly!
  7. Tale an inventory of your garage and when in doubt, take it outside!

Ask yourself – does my garage smell nice?  Of course it does not!  Do you want that smell and noxious air in your home?

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