How’s your laundry going?

And the topic for today is laundry.  No, we are not going to talk about soap, detergent, and softener for the clothes.

There are jokes about how some families can generate the same amount of laundry as a small country and that might be true.  Since Americans are so obsessed with cleanliness it is understandable that household laundry is the second largest consumer of Energy in your home.

Typically, laundry consumes a lot of energy in two ways:

  • Hot Water – the washing machine consumes huge amounts of hot water and most of that is made using an inefficient electric hot water heater with a resistance coil at the bottom of the tank.  In previous Blog Posts we have talked at length about several types of hot water heaters with a Heat Pump Hot Water heater being the most Energy Efficient. 
  • Clothes Dryer – the typical clothes dryer creates heat that is then blown through the clothes causing the moisture to evaporate.  The moisture and the heat are then both blown outside in an inefficient use of energy.  Again, a Heat Pump comes to the rescue by dehumidifying the air in the dryer while not heating the clothes.  Without losing heat the Heat Pump dryer quickly becomes far more efficient.

For several days now we have talked about Cold Air Penetration and that cold air also is a part of doing Laundry.  The inefficient clothes dryer is also a huge hole in the building envelope that allows cold and dense air to Penetrate the building envelope.

If you convert to a Heat Pump clothes dryer the dryer vent to the outside is eliminated because the Heat Pump dryer acts exactly the same as a dehumidifier, there is nothing to exhaust outdoors.  So, by converting to a Heat Pump Dryer you will use less energy to dry the clothes and eliminate a huge hole in the building envelope thus stopping Cold Air Penetration.

IMPORTANT – did you know that a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer is eligible for a significant Energy Rebate?  You can save hundreds of dollars off the cost of your new energy efficient dryer.  Not a bad idea at all.

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