Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water Heater.

Yesterday we introduced a Brand New idea from Vermont Modular.  We are now going to include with every home a Hybrid Heat Pump Hot Water heater and that will happen at No Additional Charge!  Or if you prefer another term, it is FREE, an Energy Saving appliance from us to you!

A Hybrid Hot Water heater has several settings:

  1. Heat Pump Only – this setting is the most efficient and least expensive way to make hot water, the Heat Pump option does not recover as fast as when it is set on High Demand.
  2. High Demand – this setting works exactly the way a conventional electric hot water heater works PLUS the Heat Pump is working, the heat comes from a fairly inefficient heating coil, it does work quickly.
  3. Electric – this is a conventional electric hot water heater and this setting is seldom used.
  4. Vacation – this setting allows you to save on hot water but it will recover when you return from The Beach.

Financial advantages – There is a $300 Federal Tax Credit available but we are not sure of its status in Washington. 

Did you know that roughly 15% of your monthly energy bill is for making Hot Water?  A Heat Pump hot water heater will cut that in half and depending on the size of your family it is possible for you to save $160 to $490 each year.  That is if there are only two people up to six.  Those Savings continue every year.  And do not forget your new Heat Pump Hot Water Heater is included at no additional charge = FREE.

Check it out and see if what other builder will do this for you.

One more time – did we mention that it is FREE to you.

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