Interior Design and Style.

Yesterday’s blog talked about the use of vibrant colors and how the newer bold look of color can create that inviting and warm atmosphere.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the changing use of color in the kitchen which many will say is the heart of every home.  Today let’s look the new designs for a modern bathroom.

Many people will mention that The Kitchen, The Bathroom, and The Floor coverings are what makes a house “pop.”  Honestly, we agree and might add a fourth, how about lighting and the impact it can have on a house.

In the bathroom the use of Tile is increasing all the time.  The wide variety of tiles that are available is constantly increasing both in availability and popularity.  I am sure we have all seen the new plank tiles that mimic wood while giving you all the advantages of waterproof tile.

One of the more exciting innovations with bathroom tiles is the use of heating systems that are buried inside the tile floor.  Recently we had a beautiful home with tile bathroom floors and “in-floor” electric radiant heat.  That type of heat was only in the bathroom and could easily be turned on or off.  Imagine your bare feet on a toasty warm floor in the bathroom; sounds great to me especially in the midst of winter.

The traditional tub/shower is giving way glass enclosed “shower areas” that can be surfaced with tile.  The size of these showers varies greatly for small and compact to expansive.  The various sizes of showers tends to be driven greatly by the owners’ individual wants and needs.  Since pre-made shower units are not being used the size can be virtually whatever the owners want.

Today’s photograph shows you a contemporary bathroom shower.  This is not Grandma’s shower.

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