It has been a couple days for sure!

Today, March 15th is The Ides of March; it was 2,061 years ago today that Emperor Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his close associates and his son-in-law.  Typically this has been a day of conspiracy, gloom, and doom; but that was then and this is now.

According to the National Weather Service here in Burlington we received 29½” of snow in a late winter blizzard.  All of us know it was a lot of snow and the wind was truly ferocious, the snow was light and puffy so it was easily blown around and drifted everywhere.

The crazy thing is that this coming Monday, only five days from now is The First Day of Spring.  Welcome to Vermont where all you need to do is hold your breath, the weather will change.

Speaking of spring, this is a fabulous time for you to plan and consider your new home; there are many good reasons for you to consider building your Vermont Dream:

  1. Today the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate, only slightly, but none the less the interest rates are slowly going up.  This is a great time for you to lock in a low rate.
  2. Building materials are going up in price.  Currently we are looking at a 3% increase in the cost of materials.  That price increase will probably be followed by yet another cost jump.
  3. The Economy is Booming.  All the economic indicators are showing a surge in economic growth.  The housing market is probably going to deal with a huge Pent Up Demand and that means Real Estate will rapidly go up.
  4. YES, we can fit you into our building schedule.  Our production capacity is sufficient to help you build that Vermont Dream.
  5. Design assistance is one of the unique features that we do Free of Charge, let us help you.

Start thinking spring 2017.

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