It is September and there’s a chill in the air

We are continuing our task of stopping Heat Loss, or more realistically reducing Heat Loss to a minimum. 

Last week we started a series about Winterizing our homes with the goal being to reduce Heat Loss to a minimum.  One of the single most important things we can do is to cut down on Cold Air Penetration.  As Cold Air enters the house, almost always down in the basement, it is cold and dense.

As the cold air from outside warms up it starts to lose its density and swells.  When the cold air swells it physically increases in volume/size.  The cold air as it warms is virtually identical to blowing up a balloon; the balloon gets bigger and moves upward. 

Take a look at today’s picture.  Ok, the picture has nothing to do with winterizing your home but it does show how the concept of Cold Air Penetration works.  As you well know the real name for the balloon in the picture is a Hot Air Balloon.  The Pilot of the Balloon is constantly turning one and off a huge flame to keep the air in the balloon hot, that makes the Balloon get bigger and bigger as it rises.

When the pilot wants the Balloon to come back to the ground he stops firing the heat into the Balloon. 

At the basement of your home Cold Air Penetrates through openings, cracks, and crevices.  The Cold Air from outside swells inside the basement and rises (just like the Balloon) upwards into your house.

As the Cold Air rises up into your house it forces the warm air in the living room out of the house, again through small cracks and crevices; or even worse big holes.  I’ll bet you that the vast majority of homes out there have big holes in the basement for Cold Air to Penetrate and they also have big holes up inside the house where warm air escapes as Heat Loss.

We will show you how to cut down on all this movement of air that causes Heat Loss and remember every suggestion must make a significant change and be cheap.

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