It’s a holiday weekend, time to work or play.

And another month has gone by, today is the first of September and this coming Monday is Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.  Have you noticed the chill in the air?  And yes, if you look there are some leaves already starting to show fall colors.

As we head into fall this is the perfect time to seriously start the process of Winterizing your home.  Are you ready?  Let’s get started……………..,

Couple major thoughts that will guide us throughout our Winterizing Process:

  • First – the single goal is to reduce Heat Loss to a minimum with projects that accomplish a lot and are cheap.  Shortly, all across the internet there will be articles galore that will encourage you to do this or do that very similar to what we are doing.  Our focus will be on selecting only those things that are not expensive.  We are chasing value!  When we run across something that is out of line and cost too much we will point that out to you.
  • Second  -  one of our major concerns is Cold Air Penetration.  This is the process by which cold outside air is able to penetrate the building envelope.  Despite popular beliefs that cold air actually pushes the warm air out of the house.  The real enemy in Heat Loss is Cold Air Penetration and we will talk about it a lot.
  • Third – We will always try to offer a solution.

Here we are down in the basement and we are looking around for places where Cold Air Penetrates the building envelope.

Many basement or cellars have a floor drain.  Typically, this is a rusted iron grate in the floor.  The idea behind floor drains is that when something starts to leak or flood the water then has a good place to drain away in a pipe that goes out to “daylight.” Good idea, right?  Well, no it is not a good idea because that pipe to the outside acts as a huge hole in your basement where Cold Air Penetrates.  There is another really bad thing about floor drains; it is a good place for water to enter into the basement. 

SOLUTION – the floor drain which never gets used needs to be covered up or closed off.  If you close the drain you will effectively stop that source of Cold Air getting into the house.

OOPS, we are sorry, today’s picture is of the wine Cellar, not your basement but, what the heck it’s a holiday weekend.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

What do you think about winterizing your home?  Call us at 802-985-5855

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