Just a bit more about selling your home

As you move forward with selling your home and moving along there are a couple things to keep in mind:

Process, what comes first:

  1. Land/town – find the piece of land you like the best in the town where you want to live.  This comes first.  Remember, in Real Estate everything is about location.  Well, in your heart isn’t it all about location also?
  2. Style of home – pick a style of home that will fit your new property.  If you are going to build next to the ski slopes it will be one style, in an historic district of a city it will be another, and so on……………….
    1. Start with the outside look first!  The outside of your new home needs to fit with the property.  And, it is easy to create the inside to suite you wants and needs.
    2. Inside layout comes toward the end of your selection process and honestly is one of the easier tasks.  Let’s face it, you basically know already what you want.

Process, what comes second?

  1. Get your current home ready for sale.
  2. Put it on the market for sale and research carefully about asking price.
  3. Sell your home.

AFTER….., you have sold it is time to start building your new home.  If you try to juggle the purchase of land with the contingency that you must sell your home first it simply will not work.  Of course, it can but normally that scenario causes big headaches.  Yes, you will probably be renting something somewhere for a while.

Building a new home is not easy and yes it takes a lot of work.  So, isn’t it all but imperative that your new home be 100% Custom Build exactly the way you want it?  As you search for a builder make sure everything is Custom Built.

Vermont Modular Homes builds only Custom Built Homes.  Give us a call at (802) 985-5855 and let us know what you are up to.  We’d love to help

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