Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer.

This coming weekend is Labor Day which is the unofficial end of summer; kids in Vermont started school today, families settle back into a routine, and the amount of summer activities slows down.

This is a great time to start thinking about how to make your home more Energy Efficient.  Let’s face it, we would rather not spend a lot of hard earned money on Heating Costs this winter.  And also, very important we would far prefer to do the environmentally correct thing and use less energy!  I am convinced that Vermonters are environmentally concerned and want to do the right thing!

For the next several weeks we will focus on Energy Efficiency.  Here at Vermont Modular our focus on consuming less Energy is one of our core principles.  We strongly strive to be a Socially Conscious Vermont Company that has our eye focused on doing our part to be an environmentally mindful part of our state.

  • Is your garage attached to your house? 
  • Is your garage underneath portions of your house? 

If the answer to either of those questions is yes then you need to seriously consider insulating the garage and don’t forget the garage door.

Is your garage NOT insulated?  If the car is sitting in a garage that is only a shell without insulation then you have a relatively easy job ahead of you.

We suggest you install insulation in the wall cavity.  If the garage is built out of 2x4” lumber then you will get R-15 insulation and if the garage is built using 2x6” then we recommend getting R-21 insulation.

Both of the products mention above are High Performance types of insulation and we strongly recommend using only the best possible insulation.

  • Installing either Batts or rolls of insulation is a relatively easy project.
  • Installing garage insulation will make a big difference and not be expensive.

All of our upcoming recommendations must achieve two major considerations:

  • First – the project we recommend must accomplish something significant.
  • Second – we will promote only those projects that are not expensive.  Cheap!

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