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Today’s blog post is going to be a pinch sexist as the conversation is somewhat limited to what men want in a new home.

For a long time, there were standing jokes about the “Man Cave” in the basemen where the bar, pool table, and large screen TV were located.  Surprisingly the “Man Cave” idea is waning and being replaced with spaces that are reserved for the man of the house.

Those small spaces are often a separate walk-in closet that is the man’s closet.  Inside that closet are his memorabilia, high school trophies, pictures, books, and most newer men’s space the TV is missing; it is up in the family room for everyone to enjoy.

It has been interesting for me to read about national trends in design and this one has been quite the surprise but honestly, I can easily see how a private corner of the home for “dad” would be very desirable.

Lately we’ve noticed that each younger member of the family wants and/or needs their own room.  Phycologists have long touted the benefit of privacy for youngsters as they grow-up.  The same sense of privacy evidently extends to dad as he looks for a design with his own space.

Doesn’t it seem only logical for “Mom” to want her own private corner of the world?  I suggest that what is good for dad is probably equally good for mom – their own separate private corner of the house where they can enjoy being themselves.

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