Let’s hang around in the basement again.

Today we continue our quest to significantly cut down on Heat Loss and one of the easiest ways is to stop Cold Air Penetration.  That’s why we are still down here in the basement. 

Yesterday we fixed our basement windows and I mentioned that there are probably huge holes for cold air to penetrate into the house.  I am talking about a genuinely huge hole; not quite big enough to drive a truck through but a big hole for a ton of cold air.

Don’t forget, cold air always moves towards warm air!  So, where ever there is a hole that air can move through it will flow in the direction of cold to warm.  That movement of air is called a Pathway.

Look around in the basement, look upward at the floor above and you will find a  really big hole between the cold air in the basement and the warm part of the house.  Yup, there it is - the enormous hole under your bathtub.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see the white PVC drain pipe and the necessary “trap” in the pipe.  There isn’t enough room under the tub so very common practice for installing a tub is:

  1. Cut a large hole in the floor to accommodate the necessary plumbing fixtures
  2. Set the tub/shower unit in place upstairs in the bathroom
  3. Install the drain pipe and trap.
  4. That’s all, we are now done.

WRONG, the is one huge step that wasn’t completed.  The hole that was cut in the floor needs to be closed off to prevent Cold Air Penetration up into the bathroom and on into the house.

SOLUTION – probably one of the easiest ways to close off this hole is with 1” thick rigid foam board.  The foam board can be purchased at any building supply and can be cut to fit so that much of the hole is sealed off. 

The foam board can be secured to the underside of the floor deck with caulk and then any cracks or areas that didn’t fix exactly can quickly be sealed off with spray foam.

This solution is quick, easy, not expensive, and makes a huge difference in the amount of cold air entering your home.

Let us know your thoughts and how your tub is.  Call us at 802-985-5855

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