Let’s leave the basement and go up into the kitchen.

Here we are in the kitchen the room that many consider to be The Heart of a Home.  Lots of families all but live in the kitchen, it is where people gather, dinners are made, families congregate around the dinner table, and many a cup of coffee is had along with an occasional Adult Traveling Beverage.  The Kitchen Island is something that never happened in Grandma’s house, it is an idea born of the 21st Century where the kitchen is an integral part of The Great Room rather than a separate room.

We could go on and on about how design and style have dramatically changed in a modern-day kitchen but, today let’s talk about how to conserve energy in your new kitchen. 

Kitchen Appliances are probably the biggest users of energy.  The U.S. Department of Energy has a really helpful “Energy Calculator” on their Website it will help you get a very realistic idea of how much energy and associated cost your appliances use.

Probably one of the best ways to be smart, conserve energy, save money, and do the environmentally correct thing is to always look for appliances that are Energy Star approved.

Further, every appliance has attached to it a Yellow “Energy Guide” sticker.  This energy guide gives you an estimated cost per year to operate that particular model appliance.  This is very similar to the stickers that are on all new cars telling their gas mileage.  Although the sticker may not reflect costs for that appliance in your home it is a great guide to show you the cost differences between individual models.  Pick the best you can!

Tomorrow we will continue our conversation about kitchen appliances and see if we identify exact ways to improve on our Energy consumption.

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