Let’s stay in the kitchen for today!

This week we have talked about our kitchen and we mentioned:

  • Induction Cooking – very energy efficient!
  • Convection ovens – also very energy efficient!
  • Microwave Ovens – fast and efficient
  • Impingement Ovens – mostly commercial

Let’s stay in the kitchen one more day and look at how much Hot Water is used.  Throughout your home the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry are probably the biggest users of Hot Water.

What are the most common ways to heat hot water in your home?

  1. Electric Resistance hot water heater is probably the most common way to heat water.  It relies on a coil that heats the water inside a tank, typically a 40 gallon tank for a family of four or five.  The advantage of this approach is that the Hot Water heaters are the least expensive to purchase.  The disadvantage is that they are the most expensive to operate.
  2. Gas or Propane hot water heaters.  The basic principle of both Gas and Electric hot water heaters is to heat roughly 40 gallons of hot water whether anyone is using that hot water or not.  Both the gas and electric are inefficient with gas costing slightly less to operate.
  3. On-Demand hot water heater will only operate when someone is using hot water.  When no one is calling for hot water - No Energy is used, they only turn on when someone is bathing, washing hands, or using hot water in the kitchen.  This type of hot water heater is far more efficient to operate but tend to cost more to initially purchase.
  4. Heat Pump hot water heaters are without a doubt the most energy efficient type of hot water heater.  Yes, they are expensive to purchase but very inexpensive to operate.  And, a Heat Pump hot water heater is eligible for an Energy Rebate.  This is the best way to go!

What type of hot water heater do you have in your home?

What type of hot water heater would you prefer to have in your new home?

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