Let’s take a look at building codes

We have been talking about Energy Efficiency, Cold Air Penetration, Heat Recovery Ventilation systems, and a host of other Energy concerns all of which are very very important!

When you consider building your new home how much direct attention is paid to complying with all of the various Building Codes?  Here at Vermont Modular Homes we believe there are basically two ways to build a home:

  1. Comply with all of the applicable building codes.  Honestly, this is a Herculean task that requires vast and extensive knowledge.  If you were to look at one of the books that describe codes you would be amazed.  There are codes for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and a host of tradesmen.
  2. Rule of Thumb.  Many quality home builders will use “The Rule of Thumb” for deciding what to do in an individual situation.  That includes the “My Father did it This Way” and “I Over-Build” and also “That’s so strong it’s not Going Anywhere.”  I suppose all of that is understandable and might even work.

It is always fascinating for me to see the look in a carpenter’s eye when I ask, “…what’s the Snow-Load” for that house?  Answer, well…., “it’s very strong!”  Or, “…I over build!”

Oh come on………, the truth is they simply do not know and that’s scary!  By the way, a snow load rating for a roof is measured in the number of pounds per square foot of roof space.  Here in the Champlain Valley a typical roof has a 40-pound rating that means the roof is engineered to be strong enough to carry 40 pounds of snow per square foot.  That translates into at least 24 Tons of snow being held up by the roof.  Snow loads up in the mountains are much more and the roof is built very differently!

When you are considering that huge amount of weight it is critical to have everything in your new home fully Engineered, calculated, and built to comply with every possible building code.

Modular Homes do comply with the building codes, they are inspected constantly by Professional Engineers, and must pass rigid inspections and compliance tests.  You will know that your new home is 100% Code Compliant.  Can your local builder guarantee that?  Does your local builder have Engineers and Architects on his staff?  Or, does he have a 4’ Level in the gun rack of his pickup truck?  That level can be his only knowledge of building codes!  That’s scary.

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